Dog Hair Cutting

For some dogs, long hair isn’t a problem so all they would need is a simple dog washing and nail trimming treatment. However for other breeds who grow long locks, need constant haircutting attention to ensure that their fur stays soft and detangled.Pet Groomingq

When you rely on Happy Tails Dog Grooming’s dog salon we ensure that your pup is groomed from head to toe. For those furry friends that are in need of dog hair cutting, we are more than happy to lend a helping paw to do this for you. Inaction to keep up with your dog’s grooming, can cause his or her to become mangled up into knots that can absorb a lot of dirt. Not to mention, these furry dreads would be an ideal place for fleas and ticks to nestle in. Don’t let this happen to your little pup and contact our skilled dog groomer whenever your dog’s hair needs a little trim.

With every trim there is always a scrupulous bath included. After your pup engages in a lavishing dog washing, he or she will be brushed and dried, ready for a finishing trim. Your pup will look his or her very best, and ready to play!

Contact Happy Tails Dog Grooming today! We proudly serve the dogs and dog owners of Katy, TX!


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