Dog Bathing

At times, our busy lives take up so much of our time that we don’t have the freedom to give our pups a quality, cozy scrub. Especially for those big dogs with long hair, these baths need a considerable amount of time in order to reach every spot. Luckily, Happy Tails Dog Grooming is here to help! We are your premier dog groomers to help make you and your pup’s life easier.Dog Washing

Our services for dog grooming are not only convenient but we want to make sure that when you return your pup is happy, clean, and healthy. We offer dog bathing service to assist in your dog’s cleanliness and shine. Our bathing service will make sure that every part of your furry friend’s body is cleaned. From under the ears to a deep clean in the fur, we will be happy to wash, brush, and fluff your dog in no time.

Providing pet grooming services to those in Katy, TX contact our pet salon today for a quote!


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