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Most of our pets are supposed to be furry, but excess fur can be a bad thing. Sometimes, your dog just needs to get his or her hair clipped down to a more reasonable level. If this sounds like something your pup needs, you’ll want to contact Happy Tails Dog Grooming right away!

Pet Grooming

We do more than just clip a few tufts of fur. We’ll give your dog the full dog bathing and grooming treatment, washing, brushing and clipping the fur until he or she looks like the best in show! From dog nail trimming to brush outs and haircuts, your dog will look and feel better if you hire a professional dog groomer from Happy Tails Dog Grooming. We also offer dog grooming packages perfect for your dogs!

Pet grooming prices depend on the work done, but are always reasonable. After a short meeting to better determine exactly what you desire for your pet, a price can be given and an appointment made. If your furry friend just needs a simple clip and cut, we can provide dog hair cutting to get his or her hair freshly groomed.

A pet grooming service generally includes high quality bathing products, cushy towel dry, ear cleaning, and nail filing with extra time scheduled for longer hair dogs with de-matting needs addressed with high quality grooming tools. We offer full-service grooming including hair cuts, nail trimming, bath and ears clean. Full services include nail trimming and ear cleaning.

For the best professional dog grooming services in Katy, TX, call Happy Tails Dog Grooming now!

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